We’re Changing Gears!

We started the Shamanic Engineering collective as an experimental project in 2013. At the time, we had envisioned a new world of technological possibility, not just free energy, but so much more than just easy juice to power our porn &  trolling.

This web site was an attempt to locate others with a like mind and to form collaborative relationships with individuals interested in reigniting the flame of citizen science in a thoroughly modern, decentralized, open source, available-to-everyone, sort of way.

We failed at that.

Effective March 28, 2017, the Shamanic Engineering project is taking a new direction. On that date, our annual renewal fee of several hundred dollars comes due, which we will not be paying, and this web site will be taken down by our hosting company. You will still be able to access the site through the Way Back Machine at archive.org, but no further effort will be exerted (and no more dollars spent) maintaining this archive of interesting materials for the many visitors we receive each day. Please make backups of the site as appropriate before 3/28/2017.

The Shamanic Engineering project will continue to exist, although we’re still not sure exactly of how we’re going to present our efforts, or whether to bother presenting them publicly at all. Sadly, it seems that the world has gone insane. The number of contacts we receive from Flat Earther’s and Non-binary Genders (whatever those are), only go to show that humankind is not yet ready for this work and it’s fruits. Our inner work portends a very dark period for humanity that we must first go through before we can focus on the finer points of human life. The outcome of this period will determine the fate of human life on this planet, it’s ours for the choosing, but so far, we seem to be making some very bad decisions.

We hope you’ve found this site useful over the years, and we wish every one of you luck with your pursuits and studies of alternative science. If you’re serious about real science, find the topics we’ve presented on this site interesting, and would like to collaborate with us, you can reach us at shamanic.engineering@gmail.com. Feel free to drop us a note, and tell us what’s on your mind.



Chasing the Wascally Wabbit

Why me? It seems I’ve been asking myself this question my whole life. I see things others do not, sense things other do not. Why? I remember the morning of 9/11, waking up to the news. A chill ran over me, and I knew something wasn’t adding up. Within days I could see it clearly. Before the “decider” put his smug little face on the tube and delivered his “you’re either with us, or against us” speech, I knew that my government was behind this somehow. This atrocity was not perpetrated by Muslims from a cave in Afghanistan, and I began to question the official narrative. My family resisted, my girlfriend resisted, I was met with anger, bewilderment, and pain from everyone I spoke to about it.

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A Vision of the Past

Sitting on the side of a low, emerald hill is a small encampment. The morning is cool and overcast, and around the camp are many small yurt-like tents. Among them, horses feed nervously on the fresh, green grass, occasionally looking up with a snort, and stirring at the movements of the humans who walk about the camp. Fires are burning, and around them men break their fast, talking about what will happen this day. Women tend to the fires and the cooking of the morning’s meal, partaking in the discussion as they finish their work and take seats among the men.

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Controlling Field Density for Electrical Flight

Written for KeelyNet by Jerry W. Decker – free to copy/reprint

repelBefore I get into specifics, we need to come to an understanding about proper use of the term, ‘antigravity’. In my view, true antigravity is a direct interaction with the aether/zpe to allow control since it is the aether/zpe influx which creates, sustains, disintegrates (down converts) and recycles the universe.

Even with those who actually think about such matters, most incorrectly use the term ‘antigravity’ when describing the purely ‘like’ pole repulsive properties of magnetic, electrostatic or electrical repulsion through control of gradients of the field density.

Also, they think only of mass density and yet for our purposes, we will consider field densities of intense ‘like’ polarity such as electric (electron repelling electron) or magnetic poles (North repelling North or South repelling South) and can be used as a lifting force and by extension, adapted for possible over unity devices.

So in this paper, I will be explaining purely electrical repulsion as a result of high density, ‘like’ charges. Got it? As always, I stand ready to be corrected if you can prove your point without babbling. Life is too short…
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Ancient Methods of Solving Modern Problems