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Controlling Field Density for Electrical Flight

Written for KeelyNet by Jerry W. Decker – free to copy/reprint

repelBefore I get into specifics, we need to come to an understanding about proper use of the term, ‘antigravity’. In my view, true antigravity is a direct interaction with the aether/zpe to allow control since it is the aether/zpe influx which creates, sustains, disintegrates (down converts) and recycles the universe.

Even with those who actually think about such matters, most incorrectly use the term ‘antigravity’ when describing the purely ‘like’ pole repulsive properties of magnetic, electrostatic or electrical repulsion through control of gradients of the field density.

Also, they think only of mass density and yet for our purposes, we will consider field densities of intense ‘like’ polarity such as electric (electron repelling electron) or magnetic poles (North repelling North or South repelling South) and can be used as a lifting force and by extension, adapted for possible over unity devices.

So in this paper, I will be explaining purely electrical repulsion as a result of high density, ‘like’ charges. Got it? As always, I stand ready to be corrected if you can prove your point without babbling. Life is too short…
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Our Site Was Hacked!

Our site was hacked, and then subsequently turned off by our hosting provider in March, 2015. It has been down ever since, as we have had neither the time nor the inclination to fix it. This site is maintained privately, at our expense, and if some turd somewhere has decided to get their kicks by hacking us, or that this information is too valuable to be made public, we’ll just have to put stronger measures in place to prevent that. We were already running several security tools to prevent the constant deluge of hacking attempts, and for the most part they were successful, but somebody apparently got in. We’re not quite sure how this has happened, but we’ll be monitoring more closely from this point forward, and if it happens again, we’ll just have to take even stronger measures to prevent any such vector of attack.

Additionally, we never intended for this site to become a mere repository of PDF copies of ancient and interesting texts. Over the next few months, we’ll be switching to a different format that more closely aligns the site with our original intent. See our About page for a clear understanding of what our mission is. Shamanic Engineering is intended to be an engineering collective of like-minded individuals working together to realize these goals, and this site was meant to be a gathering point for this work. Over the last few months we’ve been hard at work with a number of projects, one of which is a site that will be used to host projects, experiments, and other works related to our stated mission goals. If you have software engineering skills, and are interested in participating in this project, contact us through the Contact form.


Nikola Tesla: Lectures, Patents, Articles


Nikola Tesla – Lectures, Patents, Articles (PDF)

Note: This is Tesla’s masterworks collection, a massive compilation of his published works, it is 867 pages of complete, detailed publications, including many high-res images. As a result, it is 546.3 MB in size, much too large to store on this site, too large for all of the online virus scanning tools, even too large to preview as a Google Document, and so you must download the PDF to view it. We recommend that for your own piece of mind, you scan the file with your Antivirus software before opening the file. We have scanned this document with multiple versions of antivirus software, and found no malicious code, but you will receive a warning from our Google Drive, stating that the file can’t be scanned by Google. Remember, you can also access all of the documents we make available from our Google Drive.