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We’re Back!

Sometimes strange things happen in this technologically “advanced” society of ours. For some reason our web hosting company did not pull the plug on this site after failing to receive payment in 2017. The site automatically renewed for two years, until 2019, but then, in September 2018, the company apparently caught their mistake, and started sending us bills for renewal. When we didn’t pay them, so they shut the site off in late October. We apologize for the down time.

We have successfully migrated the site to a new host, however the backup that we used was old, March 2017, and some content was lost. We’ll try our best to recover and reconstruct the little that the didn’t make it, so please excuse us if you see notifications for posts that duplicate prior content. We currently have plans to rebuild the site in 2019 to make it more interactive, both online and for building community in the real world. Stay tuned for more!

Jan Lamprecht: Hollow Planets

Sir Edmund Halley (1656-1742, Halley’s Comet) – Halley’s most controversial theory originated from his study of magnetism. Halley realized that the magnetic poles were constantly moving. He believed this could be explained by having two fixed magnetic poles (north and south) in the crust of a hollow earth, and two more inside which were moving. He envisaged hollow spheres, one inside the other, rotating at slightly different speeds. One of these inner shells would contain the other set of magnetic poles. If that shell rotated slightly slower than the outermost shell, then that might account for the apparent motion of two of the magnetic poles while the other two stood still.

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