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We’re Back!

Sometimes strange things happen in this technologically “advanced” society of ours. For some reason our web hosting company did not pull the plug on this site after failing to receive payment in 2017. The site automatically renewed for two years, until 2019, but then, in September 2018, the company apparently caught their mistake, and started sending us bills for renewal. When we didn’t pay them, so they shut the site off in late October. We apologize for the down time.

We have successfully migrated the site to a new host, however the backup that we used was old, March 2017, and some content was lost. We’ll try our best to recover and reconstruct the little that the didn’t make it, so please excuse us if you see notifications for posts that duplicate prior content. We currently have plans to rebuild the site in 2019 to make it more interactive, both online and for building community in the real world. Stay tuned for more!

Our Site Was Hacked!

Our site was hacked, and then subsequently turned off by our hosting provider in March, 2015. It has been down ever since, as we have had neither the time nor the inclination to fix it. This site is maintained privately, at our expense, and if some turd somewhere has decided to get their kicks by hacking us, or that this information is too valuable to be made public, we’ll just have to put stronger measures in place to prevent that. We were already running several security tools to prevent the constant deluge of hacking attempts, and for the most part they were successful, but somebody apparently got in. We’re not quite sure how this has happened, but we’ll be monitoring more closely from this point forward, and if it happens again, we’ll just have to take even stronger measures to prevent any such vector of attack.

Additionally, we never intended for this site to become a mere repository of PDF copies of ancient and interesting texts. Over the next few months, we’ll be switching to a different format that more closely aligns the site with our original intent. See our About page for a clear understanding of what our mission is. Shamanic Engineering is intended to be an engineering collective of like-minded individuals working together to realize these goals, and this site was meant to be a gathering point for this work. Over the last few months we’ve been hard at work with a number of projects, one of which is a site that will be used to host projects, experiments, and other works related to our stated mission goals. If you have software engineering skills, and are interested in participating in this project, contact us through the Contact form.


Shamanic Engineering Laboratory: 1920’s Fischer Diathermy Machine

We’re very excited to have recently added a Fischer Diathermy Machine to the laboratory equipment here at Shamanic Engineering. It’s in pretty good condition, for being almost 100 years old. Mud wasps had taken up residence inside the case and built nests, fortunately they didn’t build anything in the electrical portions of the unit. The wood is in pretty rough condition, the screws in one of the spark gaps had failed and needed replaced, the meter needed a new fuse, a thick layer of dust needs to be cleaned off of all the coil surfaces, and it needs a new power cord. As you can see from the pictures, the machine is a hospital unit, complete with the stand and an assortment of accessories still in the drawer. The unit has not been powered up yet…more to come after the restoration is completed.