Chasing the Wascally Wabbit

Why me? It seems I’ve been asking myself this question my whole life. I see things others do not, sense things other do not. Why? I remember the morning of 9/11, waking up to the news. A chill ran over me, and I knew something wasn’t adding up. Within days I could see it clearly. Before the “decider” put his smug little face on the tube and delivered his “you’re either with us, or against us” speech, I knew that my government was behind this somehow. This atrocity was not perpetrated by Muslims from a cave in Afghanistan, and I began to question the official narrative. My family resisted, my girlfriend resisted, I was met with anger, bewilderment, and pain from everyone I spoke to about it.

I’m sure there are physical reasons for it, this highly tuned sixth sense, a healthy gut brain, good intuition, an open pineal gland, who knows. On a genetic level, I think it’s how we humans have survived this long without being eaten by wild animals, destroyed by deadly storms and droughts, or succumbing to the prior cataclysms. There have always been people like me who are sensitive to the vibrations around us, whether sensing somebody walking up from behind, or possessing the knowledge of impending disaster.

It’s always been our job to warn the other members of our clan or tribe that it’s time to move, to follow that star, or that cloud, to get out of harm’s way. The question is, what role do we have in modern society? What role do we play in a culture that has devalued the experiential aspect of our humanity, sacrificed it on the altar of scientism? More importantly, what role do we play amongst a population that refuses to listen to our warnings, and is even antagonistic towards them? There are few if any roles left for us as traditional healers, even fewer for the seer and the oracle. I’m touched by this woman’s presentation, who relates the story of her life in the role of a healer, but it applies equally to those of us with the gift of inner sight.

I understand the desire some have to chase down rabbit holes, and I also understand the conflict some feel about knowing the truth. On the one hand, the rabbit holes never end, and yet, the desire to know overwhelms the fear of what you might find. For many in our society, the truth is too difficult to bear, they’re not ready to have their entire world view torn down to it’s foundation of lies and deception. We must respect that, and not become elitist! We must not look down on people who are not yet ready to accept the nature of their world, or refer to them in derogatory ways, like calling them “sheeple”.

What you will find when you dig deep enough, is that everything you ever thought you knew about the world is an illusion. It’s painful to come to that realization, to truly know that the world is not as it seems at any level. The physical, manifest world is not what it seems, this can be the biggest surprise or shock of your life, depending on how you react to it. The human world is almost without exception a fabrication of the mind, created by those who would control the masses. Not one thing has been left untouched by these people, and you could spend your entire life chasing down one rabbit hole or another. It’s rotten to the core.

For myself, I eventually threw up my hands and gave up trying to understand the details of every deception. I came to the conclusion that every single thing we do as a species is in need of an overhaul. This has to occur as a revolution in consciousness, not a rebellion in arms, because it’s all in our minds. One person at a time, we have to change, to begin to think differently about our relationships and responsibilities to ourselves, to one another, and to the planet. If we don’t, I feel that we won’t survive.

Even for many of us who are awake and who see the putrid mess in which we find ourselves, acting in the world in ways that correct the situation is just too overwhelming or terrifying to contemplate, and so we pacify ourselves by choosing to merely discuss the issues, or to inform others. We must also understand their fear, work with those who are open to crafting solutions, to show that there are ways to achieve our dreams, and that these actions have the potential to benefit everyone. Little by little, we must make our way towards building the world that we envision, make ourselves living examples. Whether others choose to follow or not is up to them.

This takes numbers, it’s very difficult to do all by yourself, it may be impossible. This is one reason I’ve been seeking out others, including my appearance on the Full Circle Project. I’ve still not met anyone from this site in my area who is truly interested in joining me to make changes in our lives. It’s a difficult transition, and it depends largely on the land, the Earth itself, we need to have the Earth under our feet to establish our freedom and take our power back. We need to have the Earth back.

From there, I think it begins with the essentials of food, water, clothing, shelter, and medicine. Beyond that, everything else is a luxury, and can be provided for easily once the essentials are taken care of. We need to rethink how we provide every one of these essentials, almost everything today is being provided for in a destructive way. The luxuries of life, art, music, science, invention, as well as a revision of the ways we provide the essentials, can and will lead to a renaissance of the human experience, if we will allow it. We don’t have to go down the path of the dystopia to which we’re being led. So, how do we reestablish our connection with the land? How do we take the Earth back in a peaceful, non-violent way?

When I look out upon the landscape of my community, my country, my planet, I see the castles our rulers have built for themselves. They have shielded themselves inside, protected by a “meat wall” of our fellow sleeping citizens. But I also see an ever growing circle of awakened individuals gathering around them, not with pitchforks and torches, but with organic food, raw milk, natural cancer therapies, healthy homes, wholesome education, clean water, alternative currencies, new social contracts, offering it all to the meat wall with a deep desire to help them, with compassion to awaken them, and to share what we’ve found with a sense of awe and excitement. We must work our way through the meat wall, helping those who are ready for it, make our way to the inner circle of henchmen, and help them too. Our rulers are abusing their henchmen and their meat wall, treating them like the disposable tools they’ve become. Be brave, reach out to people, most people are good people, we’re all damaged, but we’re all doing the best we can, all we can do now is act to create a new vision of our world, we have everything to lose.

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  1. After all the angst of the beginning years, the enlightenment can become, if we allow it to, a true lightening of mind and spirit. An almost comfortable place, even joyful, to be.

    To know the lie from the truth, to explore my feelings about discomfort and death, to know I am doing what it right for me to be doing right now, learning to make choices based on awareness of what is and what is possible instead of what should be, to know that the Universe is working perfectly well exactly the way it is, learning to be OK with the fact we are in many ways at the mercy of the collective choices of the people around us – all these things can be very Enlightening if one lets it.

    And the enlightenment is necessary for “right” action. Don’t stop in the terror, depression, and anger, even if they may be appropriate reactions. Learn to work smarter, timelier, in sympathy and from awareness.

    This point of reference has improved my digestion immensely.

  2. I enjoyed your post, but not certain I agree with it. However, I learned some time ago to avoid trying to persuade anyone to my own opinion about anything.

    That said, I too have experienced some fairly potent warnings, though usually in dream form and symbolic.

    Two notable exceptions: deep, deep grief (for no apparent reason) the day before the huge tsunami that hit the day after Christmas years ago, and being on-edge and feeling utterly forlorn and hopeless for two weeks prior to 9/11–again with not ostensible reason for that emotion.

    The past only serves as a reminder of what not to repeat. My question is, how do we use this spiritual communication to move forward?

    I’m no longer afraid, but I’m really tired, and I long for better times, more compassion, more love. I know it’s out there, but I really need to connect with it on a regular basis, and not just on-line.

    My hope is to find some friends to hang out with who are like me and who only want to help in whatever way we can, even if it’s “only” prayer and meditation.

    Take care. I wish you peace.


    1. I don’t mind entertaining alternative opinions Sandy, please feel free to share of yourself and express wherever you disagree, I don’t mind. I think we can learn a lot from our mistakes and our disagreements if approached with maturity and respect for one another. My intuition says that you disagree with me over whether the government was involved with 9/11, and my assertion that the human world we live in is a manufactured lie.

      I had an incredibly potent warning about 9/11, and other events, some that have passed, others that are yet to come, I’ll post about this experience someday soon. I had complete foreknowledge of this tragedy, years in advance, but I didn’t know how to translate it until after the event occurred. I too experience bouts of emotional trauma before these large events, and had a reaction very similar to yours in the weeks before 9/11.

      So, how do we use this spiritual communication to move forward? That’s an inspiring question, I could write a whole post on just that subject, so rather than bore you with a post-sized response, I’ll have to think a bit more carefully about such a good question and save my answer for another post. Thank you for such a well thought out response, I deeply appreciate that you have taken the time to share yourself.

      Peace be with you.

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