Edwin D. Babbitt: The Principles of Light and Color


Artists, scientists, philosophers, and engineers alike will benefit from this in depth treatise on qualitative science. Ranging far beyond just light and color, this book covers a complete set of both aesthetic and scientific principles of nature. Art and science are wonderfully woven together into a fascinating book.

The Principles of Light and Color by Edwin D Babbitt 1878 (PDF)

4 thoughts on “Edwin D. Babbitt: The Principles of Light and Color”

  1. Hello. I used to have a book by Edwin Babbitt. In late 70 but it was not like the pdf. Download on your site. Do you know where s modern version of Babbitts work can be found. Also was he from New Zealand?

    1. Not sure of where he was from, but this is the original 1870’s version of the book. Didn’t realize there was a newer version. How do they compare in your opinion?

  2. This is not the original, the original is almost 600 pages, you can verify that by looking through the index on your version which has references to higher numbered pages.

  3. According to a true hero of our time by the name of Eric P. Dollard, the original publication from the 1800’s is definitely the best one to read or reference.

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