Professor Julius Sumner Miller: Waves; Kinds and Properties

One thought on “Professor Julius Sumner Miller: Waves; Kinds and Properties”

  1. Hi SE,

    Good to see you posting again. This one is a corker! What a great teacher! Someone who *really cares* about your understanding of a subject.

    On waves, I (a non-engineer) have been puzzling over this from Tesla:

    [from The transmission of electricity without wires]
    No doubt whatever remained: I was observing stationary waves…Impossible as it seemed, this planet, despite its vast extent, behaved like a conductor of limited dimensions…I attacked vigorously the development of a magnifying transmitter…essentially a circuit of very high self-induction and small resistance which in its arrangement, mode of excitation and action may be said to be the diametrical opposite of…electromagnetic radiations…The electromagnetic radiations being reduced to an insignificant quantity, and proper conditions of resonance maintained, the circuit acts like an immense pendulum, storing indefinitely the energy of the primary exciting impulses and impressions upon the earth.

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