Science is Proving Climate Change is Not Man-Made

3 thoughts on “Science is Proving Climate Change is Not Man-Made”

  1. I’ve heard of the cosmic ray/ cloud formation connection but was unaware of the battle being fought in the background or the extensive research behind the theory. Thanks for the post! The mechanics behind the rotation of the solar system through the galactic arms is not clear. hmmm…

  2. Not man made? Guess you missed US patent 3813875 – or public law 105-85 from 1997. Do you go outside, look up ever? Those x’s in the sky are normal clouds then? Lol.
    They zap the atmosphere, spray denser particulates (Aluminium, Cadmium, Lithium, Silver, basically anything) than the water vapor, then the water vapor forms with these denser particulates into cloud-cover.
    Look up Trevor James Constable and I’d be dumbfounded that a website called “shamanic engineering” isn’t educated in the ether.

    1. Poke around a bit longer, my friend, and you will indeed find links and pointers to all of the information you reference. You will also find that a well reasoned, intelligent, and courteous demeanor will take you further in life than an acerbic, presumptuous, holier-than-thou attitude. Such comments aren’t tolerated for long here, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this one. This particular bit of research is showing that the myth of “global warming” is not man made, but a result of the biggest contributor to Earth’s weather, the Sun, and even more importantly, it’s place within the grand cycle of it’s orbit within the galaxy. The geo-engineering efforts you see taking place in the skies over your head are not just a single effort at controlling weather, but have many, mostly military aspects to them as well. Perhaps you should look up Clifford Carnicom, and do a little more research before you run around the Interwebs, beating others over the head with your beliefs? You live in a made-for-television reality, and those patents that your rulers allow into the archive are playing a role in your drama. Go deeper, young grasshopper, the rabbit hole has no end.

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