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Chasing the Wascally Wabbit

Why me? It seems I’ve been asking myself this question my whole life. I see things others do not, sense things other do not. Why? I remember the morning of 9/11, waking up to the news. A chill ran over me, and I knew something wasn’t adding up. Within days I could see it clearly. Before the “decider” put his smug little face on the tube and delivered his “you’re either with us, or against us” speech, I knew that my government was behind this somehow. This atrocity was not perpetrated by Muslims from a cave in Afghanistan, and I began to question the official narrative. My family resisted, my girlfriend resisted, I was met with anger, bewilderment, and pain from everyone I spoke to about it.

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Richard Alan Miller, ESP Induction

Richard Alan Miller, author of ESP Induction Through Forms of Self-Hypnosis, is a physicist, biochemist, and herbalist. In this interview, Dr. Miller discusses ESP from the perspective of a Navy SEAL involved in early ESP experiments in the intelligence community. Kim Greenhouse and Richard Alan Miller talk about how his system of protocols can improve intuition by up to 400 times and how we can stimulate the latent anomalous potentials within us all!