Gerry Vassilatos Lost Science Interview

In this interview conducted by Laura Lee, Gerry Vassilatos discusses his book Lost Science, covering a vast field of alternative science including alchemy, telegraphy, Baron Karl von Reichenbach, Tesla, Earth energies, Thomas Townsend Brown, levitation, Ed Leedskalnin, John Keely, and the importance of applying qualitative science to our studies of Universe.

Gerry Vassilatos Secrets of Cold War Technology Interview

The following interview of¬†Gerry Vassilatos conducted by Laura Lee while promoting his book Secrets of Cold War Technology probably took place in the early 1990’s. Gerry Vassilatos’ work holds keys to the technology we need to pursue, the ways in which consciousness works and moves through Universe, the real intent behind military projects such as HAARP, and inspires the dreamer in each of us to come forward and participate in our science.

Aura Motors

Gerry Vassilatos presents a discussion of Aura Motors, or devices affected by human energy, and possibly  animal energy generally. Gerry uses energy flows from the human hand to move a vane of aluminium foil balanced on a compass point. An easily constructed tool to measure the human aura. When at rest, and not being influenced by the human aura, the needle tends to align to the local aetheric flow of Vril. As mentioned in the video, full details of the experiment can be found here:

Transverse & Longitudinal Electric Waves

Once again Eric Dollard, Tom Brown, and Peter Lindemann explain in more detail the difference between transverse and longitudinal waves. This video demonstrates the reality of longitudinal waves and their application to the natural transmission of electricity. Also presented are analog computers using networks of coils and capacitors, illustrating a new form of electrical research into wave forms that were discovered and used by Nikola Tesla. This video also presents a waveform that exceeds the velocity of light.

Tesla’s Longitudinal Electricity

Eric Dollard, Tom Brown, and Peter Lindemann from Borderland Sciences Research Foundation demonstrate Tesla’s Longitudinal Electricity using a replica of Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter to conduct experiments including; 1-wire transmission of electricity; wireless power transmission; transmission of DC current through space; a novel form of 1-wire electric light that attracts metallic objects but repels the human hand; and a longitudinal broadcast of radio signals using a ground antenna.