Shamanic Engineering is one of the world’s first self-organizing engineering collectives doing advanced work in all engineering disciplines voluntarily, just for the Love of it. We think that work done with Love, in Love, and for Love is the best work that can be done. We are on a mission to revision the World, from the inside out, applying generative, life and land-positive technology to the human experience, ensuring that our existence on planet Terra is beneficial for us, and the myriad of other life forms we share this planet with. The technology that interests us includes, lighting, heating and cooling, motion machines, transportation, health, agriculture, water purification and energizing, habitation, even leisure and social interaction.

We base our understanding of the Universe upon models developed by the natural philosophers of past ages, and deep personal insight and intuition into the nature of the cosmos gained through personal experience. We employ loosely held principles in our work that have been proven successful through the ages. Before big finance and big business destroyed journalism, academia, and government with their corruption and greed, philosophy mingled with science, and engineers created great works of art. In times past, people understood that there existed forces both larger than they could comprehend, and finer than they could sense. There was a willingness on the part of science to perceive nature not just through the five ordinary senses, but using intuition and super-sensory perception as well, and to trust what was seen as open for experiment and validation.

We have adopted these traditional techniques and natural models of the Universe for our work. By so doing, we comprehend the totality of the problems that we face as engineers and through this understanding, become able to devise holistic solutions that benefit both land and life. Our mission is nothing short of changing the world, setting us on a path towards a vivifying, life-positive existence. For too many years has the lone inventor labored in his laboratory, only to be thwarted by powerful financial interests and their corrupt, monopolistic agendas, while holding tight to their ideas and inventions for personal gain and aggrandizement. We intend to transcend this tragically repeated story, by enlisting the help of as many like-minded individuals as we can find to join us, and to share our ideas openly with the world, for free.

If you feel called to participate in our work, please contact us.

Ancient Methods of Solving Modern Problems