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Lost Science Is Live!

This week we launched the public beta of the Lost Science Archives. There are still numerous small, and a few glaring problems with the site that we intend to address as time and resources permit. Should you feel inclined, help us identify the problems by reporting any that you find. Expect ongoing updates, additions, and general mayhem over the interim of this beta period as we flesh out the inevitable problems that attend a new software platform.

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What Does Shamanism Have to Do With Engineering?

We are often asked what shamanism has to do with engineering, or, the reciprocal, what does engineering have to do with shamanism? It probably depends on their point of reference. Sometimes the questions are more direct, like, what does radio have to do with anything? It’s all related, dear reader, or it wouldn’t be here!

Shamanism is a discipline that allows one to directly tap into and communicate with their “higher self” and the world around them, the meta-physical world. On the other hand, engineering is the discipline that allows one to directly create and manipulate the world around them, the physical world. There is a method to our madness, and, if you haven’t yet begun to catch on from those definitions, by the end of this post you should have a better understanding of why we bring these two seemingly unrelated disciplines together.
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Ready for Launch – Spring 2019

As recently announced, there are changes coming to the site, and we have already begun to implement some of them. To begin with, you may notice some content disappearing, and redirections taking you back to the home page. This is because this content has been deleted from the site. In all cases of syndicated content, you will now be redirected off site, to the page from which the content originally came. This is just the start, in the weeks ahead most of the content on this site will redirect you to a new site that we’re calling, “The Lost Science Collection”.
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We are a collective, not a collection

When this site began, it was intended to be a portal for a group of people to share information and to collaborate on real-world projects. It quickly turned into a hodge-podge collection of interesting tid-bits and doo-dads, but not even a very good collection of that, if we’re honest with ourselves. There is so much missing from this site, not least of which is the collective.

It’s also becoming apparent that we’re pissing off people who are trying to “earn a living” from selling other people’s work. Maybe that’s enough of a reward? If, by releasing the information here we’ve put the needs of humanity over the needs of someone’s personal gain, then at least our consciences will be clear when we go to jail, because we certainly won’t be paying any fines.

Alas, no, the most nefarious reason we keep this site around is because it’s useful to us. It could be more useful. This site is powered by WordPress, and over the years this has become cumbersome and awkward for our purposes here. We’ve given up trying to maintain or do much with the collection, because it’s a burdensome process, and we have easier means of sharing.

For these reasons, we are rebuilding this collection of tid-bits and doo-dads! We are developing a custom, purpose-built site, dedicated to showcasing the true extent of cool science that we have access to via digital collections from all over the Internet while making it easy to explore. From the new site we will have access to an extensive collection of curated resources, available in multiple formats, managed through a streamlined interface that will allow us to maintain the collection with ease. Stay tuned over the coming days and weeks as we post more about this project, and begin the migration away from this site and to the new, as yet undisclosed site.