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Trevor James Constable: Etheric Rain Engineering

Kim Greenhouse of It’s Rainmaking Time! interviews Trevor James Constable, discussing the ether, weather engineering, hurricane prevention, fog & smog control, Orgone, Wilhelm Reich, Rudolf Steiner, and Ruth Drown. Together they conduct a thought experiment on how to solve the Earth’s drought and desertification problems, with Constable concluding that mankind isn’t prepared for it.

Trevor James Constable: Exploring the Cosmic Pulse of Life

Carlita interviews Trevor James Constable on her Sailing Beyond Knowledge radio show. In this interview, Constable discusses the books he’s authored, including the Cosmic Pulse of Life. Also covered are his life experiences and influences including, Wilhelm Reich, his daughter Eva Reich, Rudolf Steiner, Ruth Drown, and discusses his research into rain engineering and his early work with the “Critters”.

Gerry Vassilatos: Nazi UFOs Interview

In this Laura Lee interview with Gerry Vassilatos they discuss the anti-gravity flying machines developed by the Germans during World War II, named the Feuerball and the Kugelblitz. Also covered, Trevor Constable and his “Critters” research, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Raymond Rife, Viktor Schauberger, technology suppression, Vril energy, consciousness, war and peace.

Marcel Vogel: The De La Warr Camera

In 1983 Marcel Vogel deliverd this lecture before the US Psychotronics Association on the radionics camera invented by George de la Warr. Vogel received the camera sometime after de la Warr’s death in 1969, when he and Dan Willis did extensive tests and trials with it. In this lecture, he covers a wide range of topics, including consciousness, thought, microscopy, light, luminescence, energy, intent, life, death, and of course, crystals.

For the portions of the lecture dealing with the De La Warr camera, Vogel plays videos for the audience, unfortunately, the audio is horrible during this portion of the lecture and doesn’t translate well to this format. The worst of these videos run from approximately 1:28 to 1:52, in case you’d like to skip these portions of the lecture. I have done my best to boost the audio during these sections, but this part of the lecture is still difficult to understand, however, the rest of the lecture contains a lot of valuable and interesting information.

This comes to us courtesy of Dreamhill Research.

Gerry Vassilatos: Vril

In this Laura Lee interview with Gerry Vassilatos and Michael Theroux, they cover the topic of living Vril energy, discussing historical personalities like Nathan Stubblefield, Ruth Drown, and Thomas Galen Hieronymus, while addressing the issues of developing technology based on Vril. Gerry also demonstrates the sounds of Earth energies made through a grounded rod.

Eric Dollard: Dimensional Representation of Electric Waves Lecture

In this early lecture, Eric Dollard presents his mathematical concepts of electrical phenomena. As always, an informative, entertaining, thought provoking lecture by a master of electrical engineering. Of interest is his adamant assertion that we should not be using these concepts to develop destructive technology, but could and possibly should use them to help heal the Earth of the damage we’ve already caused.

Gerry Vassilatos Lost Science Interview

In this interview conducted by Laura Lee, Gerry Vassilatos discusses his book Lost Science, covering a vast field of alternative science including alchemy, telegraphy, Baron Karl von Reichenbach, Tesla, Earth energies, Thomas Townsend Brown, levitation, Ed Leedskalnin, John Keely, and the importance of applying qualitative science to our studies of Universe.

Gerry Vassilatos Secrets of Cold War Technology Interview

The following interview of Gerry Vassilatos conducted by Laura Lee while promoting his book Secrets of Cold War Technology probably took place in the early 1990’s. Gerry Vassilatos’ work holds keys to the technology we need to pursue, the ways in which consciousness works and moves through Universe, the real intent behind military projects such as HAARP, and inspires the dreamer in each of us to come forward and participate in our science.

Principles of Wireless Power

While Vice President and Editor of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, Eric Dollard conducted a talk titled Principles of Wireless Power. In this talk, he presents Nikola Tesla’s principles of wireless electrical transmission as he intended to use in his World System of Wireless Transmission of Energy.