Franz Bardon: The Practice of Magical Evocation

Franz Bardon - Practice of Magical Evocation

Franz Bardon – The Practice of Magical Evocation (PDF)

2 thoughts on “Franz Bardon: The Practice of Magical Evocation”

  1. I thank you for your service. I posted the Bardon books @ my website ( ) several years ago but the publisher got on my case and I removed them… This motivates me to post them again — I’m sure Franz won’t mind…

    1. I’m humbled Robert, you are most welcome sir. I would like to thank you for your tireless service as well! I’ve found a treasure trove of information on your site, and I credit you for bringing Franz Bardon into my life.

      When I began reading his material, I found a world that had been coming to me spontaneously in fits & starts since childhood neatly outlined and clearly elaborated. The Initiation Into Hermetics book is probably the single most compelling introductory book on the subject. Reading Bardon’s books have been nothing short of a transformation, a clearly articulated explanation of the forces at work in our world. Combine his work with the other writers showcased on this site, and it should give the keys to the castle to anyone who is willing to work for them.

      I haven’t been bothered by the publishers (yet), everything available here is purely for informational, educational, and research purposes, nothing is sold, there is no commercial interest, which I believe to be fair use of the material. I agree with you, I too believe Franz would want it that way. My apologies for taking so long to approve your comment & reply…

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