Our Mission

  • Locate other individuals interested in working together with us to revision the world according to age-old understandings of ourselves and the universe.
  • Radically change the course of our communities, and human existence on this planet, from the path of disintegration to the path of integration.
  • Widen the scope of information available to people who have an interest in the underlying nature of our physical Universe and the human experience.
  • Skeptically examine and, where necessary, attack the illusions constructed by institutions interested in controlling us; government, religion, and academia.
  • Liberate suppressed knowledge.
  • Provide insight and analysis uninhibited by mainstream government, religious, and scientific ideology.
  • Facilitate information’s eternal desire to be free.

Our Method

  • Employ shamanic techniques to understand the Universe at its subtlest levels, and facilitate working with the forces of nature in tangible ways.
  • Form small teams of men and women from all the races of man to bring elements of nature, harmony, and humanity together in ways that create solutions  embodying the balanced energies of nature and the human experience.
  • Active involvement with and development of peaceful, alternative technologies based on holistic, integrative, regenerative solutions that will restore and power our future.
  • Use of appropriate technology, in small doses, where it makes the most impact, to effect the greatest change, while shunning all use of technology for technology’s sake.
  • Voluntary, peaceful non-compliance and non-cooperation with the domination systems of government, religion, and academia, and non-participation in the enslavement systems of banking, insurance, and energy.
  • Crowd source resources from other individuals who wish to support our endeavors. We are people powered! We forbid the participation of government, academia, religious organizations, most foundations, and other collectives that have a history of suppression; we aren’t controlled by special interests or their sticks and carrots.

Our Philosophy

  • We will do no harm; violence is unacceptable in all dealings with other beings, except in self-defense.
  • We are responsible for ourselves, and only ourselves. Nobody else is responsible for us, our needs and desires, or our outcomes. We are not responsible for anyone else, their needs and desires, or their outcomes.
  • We recognize the other beings around us, and see that helping those whom we trust, helps us as much as it does them when pursuing constructive goals together.
  • We are free to choose who we trust, and to decide what is constructive for us. Nobody has the right to make this decision for another person.
  • We share the ideas we harvest publicly with the world, for free, under open-licenses, open-patents, and copy-left works, in which the authors and inventors retain credit for their discovery, and the rights to use them, while the entire world benefits from being able to reproduce them. Ideas should be free, we require that anyone who uses our ideas, also share the ideas they’ve based on our discoveries.
  • We encourage others to build working versions of our ideas and to share them for the costs of their time and materials.

Ancient Methods of Solving Modern Problems