Marcel Vogel: The De La Warr Camera

In 1983 Marcel Vogel deliverd this lecture before the US Psychotronics Association on the radionics camera invented by George de la Warr. Vogel received the camera sometime after de la Warr’s death in 1969, when he and Dan Willis did extensive tests and trials with it. In this lecture, he covers a wide range of topics, including consciousness, thought, microscopy, light, luminescence, energy, intent, life, death, and of course, crystals.

For the portions of the lecture dealing with the De La Warr camera, Vogel plays videos for the audience, unfortunately, the audio is horrible during this portion of the lecture and doesn’t translate well to this format. The worst of these videos run from approximately 1:28 to 1:52, in case you’d like to skip these portions of the lecture. I have done my best to boost the audio during these sections, but this part of the lecture is still difficult to understand, however, the rest of the lecture contains a lot of valuable and interesting information.

This comes to us courtesy of Dreamhill Research.

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