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Nikola Tesla: Lectures, Patents, Articles


Nikola Tesla – Lectures, Patents, Articles (PDF)

Note: This is Tesla’s masterworks collection, a massive compilation of his published works, it is 867 pages of complete, detailed publications, including many high-res images. As a result, it is 546.3 MB in size, much too large to store on this site, too large for all of the online virus scanning tools, even too large to preview as a Google Document, and so you must download the PDF to view it. We recommend that for your own piece of mind, you scan the file with your Antivirus software before opening the file. We have scanned this document with multiple versions of antivirus software, and found no malicious code, but you will receive a warning from our Google Drive, stating that the file can’t be scanned by Google. Remember, you can also access all of the documents we make available from our Google Drive.

Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers

Condensed intro to Tesla Transformers (PDF)

Condensed intro to Tesla Transformers (PDF)

Note: If you would like to compensate Eric Dollard for his efforts with this and the other information he’s given away, much of it presented here, visit his web site at www.ericPdollard.com to contribute to his efforts. We are not affiliated with Eric Dollard, but we appreciate his contributions to the field of electrical science.

Principles of Wireless Power

While Vice President and Editor of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, Eric Dollard conducted a talk titled Principles of Wireless Power. In this talk, he presents Nikola Tesla’s principles of wireless electrical transmission as he intended to use in his World System of Wireless Transmission of Energy.