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Gerry Vassilatos: Nazi UFOs Interview

In this Laura Lee interview with Gerry Vassilatos they discuss the anti-gravity flying machines developed by the Germans during World War II, named the Feuerball and the Kugelblitz. Also covered, Trevor Constable and his “Critters” research, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Raymond Rife, Viktor Schauberger, technology suppression, Vril energy, consciousness, war and peace.

Gerry Vassilatos: Vril

In this Laura Lee interview with Gerry Vassilatos and Michael Theroux, they cover the topic of living Vril energy, discussing historical personalities like Nathan Stubblefield, Ruth Drown, and Thomas Galen Hieronymus, while addressing the issues of developing technology based on Vril. Gerry also demonstrates the sounds of Earth energies made through a grounded rod.

Aura Motors

Gerry Vassilatos presents a discussion of Aura Motors, or devices affected by human energy, and possibly  animal energy generally. Gerry uses energy flows from the human hand to move a vane of aluminium foil balanced on a compass point. An easily constructed tool to measure the human aura. When at rest, and not being influenced by the human aura, the needle tends to align to the local aetheric flow of Vril. As mentioned in the video, full details of the experiment can be found here: