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Walter Russell’s Home Study Course

Walter Russell Home Study Course

Walter and Lao Russell’s 1950 edition of the Home Study Course of Universal Law, Natural Science and Philosophy. An intimate guide to the cosmogony of a man who understood the inner workings of the universe on a very personal level, as you will read about. This course takes from several months to a year or more to complete, and it is intended that you progress at your own speed, taking however much time is required to absorb the information presented here.

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The Vortex Mechanics of Walter Russell

This video presentation of Walter Baumgartner and Rhetta Jacobson, with introduction by Dr. Tim Binder, took place on June 3rd, 1989 in Snowmass, Colorado. Many of the basic principles of Natural Science and the Vortex Mechanics of Nature are introduced and elaborated upon in this presentation. This video is helpful for the understanding of Universal processes that underlie Creation.

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The New Thermodynamics

First Law: Cold generates energy. Heat radiates energy. Cold multiplies. In cannot be divided. Heat divides. It cannot be multiplied.

Second Law: Every reaction must be preceded by its equal action. Heat is the reaction of cold. Heat could not come into existence save for the compressive action of cold. (The law of entropy, therefore, has no place in nature.)

Third Law: Cold and heat express their opposition at angles of 90° from each other. Cold extends along axis and the axis of all bodies of creating matter where rotation is minimum, while heat expansion is maximum at equatorial planes where speed of motion is maximum.

Fourth Law: Cold compresses. Compression multiplies cold into heat. Heat expands. Expansion divides heat into cold. Cold and heat, like life and death, constitute a wave cycle. In all nature there is no effect which is not wave created, and all waves are cyclic.

(Again, I repeat, that the law of entropy, and the belief that energy does not run “up-hill”, have no place in nature.)

Fifth Law: When motion begins heat begins. This entire wave universe is a varied measure of heat and motion. Long low waves of low heat potential constitute the invisible light spectrum, while short high waves of high heat potential and low frequencies constitute the visible spectrum.

Sixth Law: The emergence of heating matter in motion from the static cold of space begins at the indigo-blue and blue-violet end of the spectrum and builds up to the white centered yellow, through red and green, until the maximum heat equatorial plane is reactive at an angle of 90° from the static axis of cold.

Note: The import of the spectrum has been very much neglected in man’s cosmogony of a universe which consists of only one thing – LIGHT.

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