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Trevor James Constable: Etheric Rain Engineering

Kim Greenhouse of It’s Rainmaking Time! interviews Trevor James Constable, discussing the ether, weather engineering, hurricane prevention, fog & smog control, Orgone, Wilhelm Reich, Rudolf Steiner, and Ruth Drown. Together they conduct a thought experiment on how to solve the Earth’s drought and desertification problems, with Constable concluding that mankind isn’t prepared for it.

Trevor James Constable: Exploring the Cosmic Pulse of Life

Carlita interviews Trevor James Constable on her Sailing Beyond Knowledge radio show. In this interview, Constable discusses the books he’s authored, including the Cosmic Pulse of Life. Also covered are his life experiences and influences including, Wilhelm Reich, his daughter Eva Reich, Rudolf Steiner, Ruth Drown, and discusses his research into rain engineering and his early work with the “Critters”.