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Walter Russell

Walter Russell Portrait
"I believe that mediocrity is self-inflicted and that genius is self-bestowed." ~ Walter Russell

Walter Russell's Historical Timeline

Adapted and edited from the University of Science and Philosophy.

Childhood and Youth (1871-1890)
1871: Born in Boston, Massachusetts on May 19th.
1884: Russell pays his way into five years of art school by working in various capacities as a musician.
1885: The 14 year old "dies" of Black Diptheria - destroying his throat. He recovers due to an experience he terms a "cosmic illumination" informing him of the "self-healing principle".
Walter Russell The Artist (1890-1920)
1894: Marries Helen Andrews.
1895: Assumes directorship of The Twilight Club.
1897-1898: Is Art Editor of Colliers Weekly, and becomes a correspondent for Collier’s and Century covering the Spanish-American War during the battle for Cuba.
1900: Completes an allegorical painting entitled "The Might of Ages". It was first exhibited in the Turin International Art Exposition, winning honourable mention from Italy, then exhibited throughout Europe, winning him many honours from France, Belgium and Spain, including membership to the Spanish Academic of Arts and Letters, Toledo.
1903: Commissioned by The Ladies’ Home Journal to find and paint the 12 most beautiful children in the United States of America.
1905: Becomes a horse breeder.
1908: Designs, as an architect, the building Alwyn Court.
1909: Designs, as an architect, the 44 West 77th Gothic House.
1911: Turns the age of 40.
1900-1914: Divides his time between painting portraits of children and various other notable people, authoring books, and designing and building numerous structures - some of which are still standing today. Together with other sculptors, architects, and painters he conceived the principle of the co-operative ownership for flats in New York.
Walter Russell The Enlightened (1921-1946)
1920-1921: At age 49 he experiences a 39 day and night period of illumination, writing down some 40,000 words given to him from the Light of Cosmic Consciousness – later published as "The Message of the Divine Iliad."
1921: Turns 50. Paints The Octave Wave.
1922: Dr. Henry Norris Russell “checks the first astronomical charts” by Walter Russell.
1921-1943: Exact Date Unknown
1921-1946: Russell and “other notable figures of his time” continued The Twilight Club, their efforts culminating in service organizations like The Rotary Club, The Lions Club, The Boy Scouts of America, and many others. The Twilight Club stood up for a right of education, for minimum wages, "truth" in advertising and much more, getting big support from Adolph Ochs, the owner of the New York Times at that time.
1926: Publishes his two Periodic Tables of Elements and the book "The Universal One."
1930: Publishes "The Russell Genero-Radiative Concept" - a revision of a portion of "The Universal One".
1927-1939: Gives his Lecture Series to Executives and Employees of I.B.M., "THINK: The First Principle of Business Success".
1927: The Westinghouse Lamp Company provides Russell with full use of its facilities for gas transmutations – including their spectrum analyses.
1927: Takes up sculpting. His first work is a bust of Thomas Edison.
1930: The New York Times publishes an article of Russell’s where he challenges the Newtonian theory of gravitation.
1931: Turns 60.
1934: Publishes "The Sculptor Searches for Mark Twain’s Immortality.", and sculpts the Mark Twain Memorial.
1936: Lectures at The Astrologer’s Guild of America in June 1936 – published later as "The Electric Nature of the Universe"; a compact depiction of his Cosmology. Also publishes "The Self-Multiplication Principle," an excerpt from another talk, and writes a draft of an IBM presentation entitled "United Industry for Universal Peace," for Thomas J. Watson Sr. which was published later in 2003 in "THINK: The First Principle of Business Success."
1939: Lectures at the annual convention of The Eastern Electronic Association. “Space and the Hydrogen Age” was published in 1989 by the University of Science and Philosophy.
1941: At age 70 the American Academy of Sciences confers a doctorate to Walter Russell – after several laboratories isolate the elements which he had foreseen: Deuterium, Tritium, Neptunium and Plutonium.
1942: Works on the sculpture of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
1943: Writes “A Letter to a Friend” (Robert), later published in "Caring for your Physical and Spiritual Health."
1944: Publishes "The Immortality of Man" and “Power Through Knowledge” – the latter referencing or penning the term “New Age” - “…this New Age philosophy of the spiritual re-awakening of man…”.
Walter and Lao Russell (1946-1963)
1946: Gives several talks later adapted into works such as "The Fifth Kingdom Man" published by USP in 1991, "Genius Inherent in Everyone" by USP in 1994, and "The Secret of Working Knowingly with God", by USP in 1993. Glenn Clark publishes the book "The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe."
1947: Publishes "The Secret of Light."
1948: Marries Daisy Stebbing (Lao Russell). Walter & Lao Russell go on a honeymoon, whereupon Walter draws Landscape 1 and Landscape 2. He publishes "The Message of the Divine Iliad Volume 1."
1949: Russell publishes "The Message of the Divine Iliad Volume 2." and "The Book of Early Whisperings". He founds The University of Science and Philosophy – a home-study university, in Swannanoa, where the Russell paintings, sculptures and historical documents were on display for 50 years.
1950: Walter & Lao Russell publish "The Home Study Course" (first edition).
1951: Gives the Lecturer Address at Portsmouth, Va. Armed Forces Day Celebration, May 19th, 1951, on his 80th birthday in front of highly ranked members of the U.S. Military. The talk is published as "The Dawn of a New Day in Human Relations" in 1991 by USP. Russell also gives a lecture a Swannanoa that is adapted later into "Caring For Your Physical and Spiritual Health" and published by USP in 1994.
  • Russell re-publishes The Home Study Course in Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy.
  • He pens "An Open Letter to The World of Science" and sends to 350 members of our National Academy of Science and Royal Society of London, 100 Universities and 300 leading newspapers.
  • Russell conducts a lecture series, part of which has been released as "Living a Cosmic Life from the Mind," which includes answers to questions from participating students. With the immediacy of spontaneous replies, the responses capture Walter Russell’s wit, wisdom, and depth of understanding of scientific and philosophical questions.
1954: Walter & Lao publish "Scientific Answer to Human Relations", and “Newsletter of the University of Science and Philosophy".
1955: Walter & Lao publish "The World Crisis – Its Explanation and Solution". Lao publishes "God Will Work With You But Not For You."
1956: Walter & Lao publish "The One-World-Purpose". Walter Russell talks to a group of students at Swannanoa, explaining the far-reaching effects of the efforts of the poet-philosophers who established the Twilight Club and the University of Science and Philosophy’s historic connection with that inspired group.
1957: Russell revises, in co-authorship with Lao Russell, "The Home Study Course" (second edition), and republishes, in co-authorship with Lao Russell, "Atomic Suicide."
1958: Draws the scientific diagrams “The Science of the Future is based upon God – the Creator”, ”Nature’s Method of Creating Power” (Gravity Amplifying Compression Cubes which constitute the Nine Octaves of the Elements), and “The Cube and the Sphere are the Sole Working Tools of Creation."
1959: Invites General Chapman, Colonel Fry, Major Sargent, Major Cripe, and others from NORAD in Colorado Springs, to attend a meeting at Swannanoa where he explains the workings of a device he proposes to build, to take advantage of the vacuum state energy, and the two directional movement of energy from gravitation, (generation), to radiation, (degeneration). During the following year, Russell, Lao, and their assistants build the device. The prototype consists of two sets of dual and magnetically-sexed coils.
1959-1962: Walter Russell draws scientific drawings explaining science and radiation.
1962: Walter Russell revises, in co-authorship with Lao Russell, "The Home Study Course" (third edition).
1963: Walter Russell, shortly before his death, paints his last painting called "Last Painting". He is still editing “A New Concept of the Universe: A Brief Treatise on the Russell Cosmogony.”
1963: Walter Russell re-folds (passes on) in Waynesboro, Virginia on May 19th at 92 years old.
"Do not attempt to accomplish greater results by a greater effort of your little understanding, but by a greater understanding of your little effort. The greater your understanding of the power within yourself, the less effort you need to make in order to achieve." ~ Walter Russell

Adapted and coded by Martha Chamberlain