Walter Russell’s Home Study Course

Walter Russell Home Study Course

Walter and Lao Russell’s 1950 edition of the Home Study Course of Universal Law, Natural Science and Philosophy. An intimate guide to the cosmogony of a man who understood the inner workings of the universe on a very personal level, as you will read about. This course takes from several months to a year or more to complete, and it is intended that you progress at your own speed, taking however much time is required to absorb the information presented here.













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        1. I’ve been thinking of restarting too, I’ve been overwhelmed this year. I actually purchased the printed course, it’s a later revision that was published after Russell’s death, but I think this older version, in the PDF format, reads quite differently, and might be better. Any interest in undertaking a collaborative effort to study it together with a small group and compare notes/impressions? If not, that’s fine, no pressure, I know we’re all busy and timezones and such, but would like to extend the offer.

  1. Hi!
    I’m interested in joining a study group for the home study course.
    You can reach me at sebastianrotvoll at if you’re interested.


  2. Hello!
    I too am very interested in studying Walter & Lao’s work (and any related works) with others who are serious about trying to understand it fully and apply it towards constructive purposes. It is always interesting to share ideas and learn together.

    Please let me know if anything is set up. Thank you!
    P.S.: Great website by the way.

      1. As a home study course, it’s up to each person to take it on themselves to do the work, to read and study the materials. In order to provide some structure, and ensure we do the work, we could commit to reading one chapter every week or two, whatever is comfortable for everyone’s schedule. Then, we could come together at the end of each chapter on Google Hangouts, or Skype, whatever allows a conference call, and screen sharing perhaps, to discuss and compare what each person learned from the information. Together we could build up a body of knowledge, a collective mind map, to provide the basis for working with this science. Ultimately, the point of these models is to employ them in the development of real world solutions. What Walter Russell has provided for us are his insights expressed as visual and prose renderings of natures operation in time and space. How can we use these tools to design a new type of technology that provides for our essentials + the barest of luxuries; food, water, clothing, shelter, light, heat, transport, medicine, art.


        1. My sincerest apologies that it has taken me so long to get back to these messages…

          This sounds like a good plan, but how will the information that is gathered from this process be shared with others?

          For example, do we compile it into some palpable format and then post it here? Or should we agree to meet regularly on a public forum dedicated to their work (like and just share ideas as we go through it in real time?

          [*Note: I have no connection to that site. Just throwing out possibilities.]

          1. We are all moving at the speed that is appropriate for our trajectory and orbit. Buckle in pardner, and let your intuition guide your actions in how and where you share your knowledge. This article contains the complete collection of home study material from 1950-1952, based on dates on the materials. Shamanic Engineering will set up a calendar and you all will be invited to attend an event to be hosted on Google Hangouts to launch the study group. We can discuss more then. If you have a preference you’d like to express for a date, day of week, and/or time of day to hold these group sessions, EMAIL your preferences to We can post the hangout session on our YouTube channel and blog summaries here on this web site for other’s to distribute as they see fit. How does this sound to everyone?

  3. Hi,

    would be interested in joining a group study for this one.

    Kindly drop me an email on how i can join.


  4. I am really glad you offer the links for the HSC because the course is not worth the paper it’s written on.
    I also like the way you reproduce much of what I have researched and uncovered.
    If you’d like any more tips sure just drop me an email I’d be delighted to do the donkey work for you.

    You can take MY website down from YOUR menu.

    1. I purchased the course from Joey Korn, it was printed on very nice paper. I’m digging through the same material as everyone else, I suppose, and I’ve come to many of the same conclusions as you about Walter Russell, and this “work” in general. In fact there are some surprises for readers of this site that are coming this spring, we’re changing, and quite drastically. To be honest with you, this is not the “Church of Russell”, we are not zealots who madly defend the people whose work we share, and I appreciate your honest take on Russell’s work.

      The link to your site will not be taken down from this site, even after your site is dead and gone, because nothing on the Internet is ever truly “gone”. When a site that we link to goes away, we simply replace the link with another that points to the site’s last useful representation on’s Way Back Machine. In the meantime, for as long as you continue to produce content, readers will likely find your new, honest, critical insights as valuable as the rest.

      Thank you for your time, even though it was a personal exploration, it is kind of you to put your efforts online for others to see.

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