What Does Shamanism Have to Do With Engineering?

We are often asked what shamanism has to do with engineering, or, the reciprocal, what does engineering have to do with shamanism? It probably depends on their point of reference. Sometimes the questions are more direct, like, what does radio have to do with anything? It’s all related, dear reader, or it wouldn’t be here!

Shamanism is a discipline that allows one to directly tap into and communicate with their “higher self” and the world around them, the meta-physical world. On the other hand, engineering is the discipline that allows one to directly create and manipulate the world around them, the physical world. There is a method to our madness, and, if you haven’t yet begun to catch on from those definitions, by the end of this post you should have a better understanding of why we bring these two seemingly unrelated disciplines together.

In our cosmology, the Universe is alive and speaking to us in myriad ways, both physically and meta-physically, through both our senses and our minds. Our senses detect the information that Universe is constantly sending out from all points. But Universe’s physical manifestation is an epiphenomena, it is primarily a living, thinking being, and the mechanical device we know as physical “universe” is just a vehicle. As humans, our senses are able to perceive a very limited range of information, it is through our minds that Universe communicates the most detailed and abundant information.

All of Universe is infused with consciousness. The work of the shaman is to learn how to listen, then speak the language, and then dialog with the Universe and it’s myriad parts. What does the Universe have to say to us? Why, everything, about anything! This is it’s manifestation – it knows the lay of the land quite well – and you are a part of that! Universe understands the principles under which it is operating, it invented them, so it knows everything about the physical manifestation that it is creating, from the hardest crystal, right down to the power source.

As human beings, we have the ability to perceive this, and to merge our dreams and desires with those of Universe. Human beings were designed by Universe to be information gatherers and problem solvers in their local environments. It is our responsibility to learn about the machinery we’ve been put in charge of, and to make sure we don’t mess things up so badly that nature can’t compensate for our blunders. As engineers, we are specialists in local problem solving. In order to do that effectively, we must be rigorous, and understand two things about the physical space:

  1. The operating parameters of that space, and;
  2. The true nature of the problem we’re solving.

The result of any effort will fall somewhere between absolute failure, and stunning perfection, depending upon how well you understand these two simple things. But these are not the only two things that matter, the manner in which problems are solved matters also. This is where creativity applies, the ability to harvest the ideas that are constantly streaming through the Universal mind. This is really the ability to ask questions and listen for answers, and there are many ways to do that. Lastly, but just as important, in implementing the solutions we devise, we must rely on yet another faculty, our aesthetic, or our sense of beauty. Solving problems by creating more problems is not a very effective way of operating in the world, but it does provide job security.

In the end, these two disciplines, the Shamanic, and the Engineering, represent the mastery of both the meta-physical and the physical worlds. They wedge nicely together, making for a holistic view of things, and provide a mixed dominant approach to problem solving. It develops your ability to use your senses to perceive, your mind to think, your heart to act, and your eye to discern, so that your soul can express it’s desire to know, be known, and engaged. It imparts a deep sense of responsibility when you realize that you are not a dictator to the local environment, but an active participant in a process with other actors, and there is a job to do.

It would seem that we humans have gotten it all backwards. We’re thinking with our hearts, and acting with our minds. We refuse to acknowledge what our senses are telling us, but we’ll believe in almost anything – as long as we hear it from a Trusted Source™. Our current aesthetic tells us ugliness is beauty, and beauty is ugliness. Our academies tell us that knowledge and cunning are more important than wisdom and compassion. Governments tell us what they give us, but never what they take from us, and if you ask too many questions about it, then they’ll bomb you, to protect you.

This is one of the biggest problems we face today as human beings, that is, the social engineering that we’re all operating under. This is creating more problems than it’s solving, if it was ever intended to solve problems. It must be solving somebody’s problem, because it is absolutely being done intentionally, through coordinated, concerted efforts. It’s directed at your energy, harvesting you like a power plant, like a farmer harvests cattle, and this must stop.

In future posts we’re going to address these issues in more detail, and discuss how we might start to solve some of these problems, because it’s going to require your help – nobody is coming to save us, except us.

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2 thoughts on “What Does Shamanism Have to Do With Engineering?”

  1. Hello ,
    shaman are the first scientist of the inner and outer world .
    the study of energy and how to use it
    chi is energy , learn to controll you own energy .
    start in your surounding . to change the conciousnis.
    we have give the responsiblity to other people , like industri .
    we have organisis our selves now .
    food , home for sleep and cook , clothes , communication , mobility
    wath kind of technnology we need realy ?
    we need friends , share food , make garden , develope mikroklima ,use organic material for house like clay
    what you do with your money -energy .better give to friends , not to industri . .
    my question ?
    we need energy sorce for elektricity, build out of readymade.
    we need heating system for house and water.
    we need pumps, water clean system .
    elektrik bikes and car ….. the stuff is there , but not for us.
    ancient and science fiktion together
    greetings peter

  2. Wonderful! Your are a person after my own heart. At last an inner-outer, ‘other’ as well as ‘self’, approach. I am excited to explore more!

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